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Our Future

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Jonah’s Place will offer a unique, dual purpose therapy program which will benefit emotionally challenged/at risk children and teens and also abused or neglected homeless animals. We will offer a safe place – a sanctuary – to both the child and to the animal where the healing process can begin.

Often times, children in emotional distress will shut themselves off to the world outside but they are still receptive to the unconditional and unquestioning love of an animal. The bond between children and animals is one not like any other. We will pair children with an animal in need at our facility and charge them with the responsibility of grooming, feeding and nurturing their new friend. This not only develops a special bond between the child and the animal but it also helps the child learn valuable life skills such as accountability, responsibility and work ethic while at the same time helping them realize what a difference they can make in this world!

In addition to our unique animal therapy program, our long terms goals are to also offer the following services:

• A Youth Participant program which will include a ‘Discover My Purpose’ class. This class will be designed to help the children discover their own God given purpose and passion in life which is critical for personal development and a steady hope for the future.

• A section of the Sanctuary will serve as a safe house for the pets of domestic violence victims that are not permitted to take pets to their human safe house.

• Our sanctuary will have a special section designated for unadoptable and feral cats. This will be an enriched environment where they can live safely and happily.

• Participant program will include a guided art/creativity lab that will encourage and inspire while also serving as a healthy outlet for unreleased emotions and feelings.

• Our vision for Jonah’s Place also includes goals of offering ALL children in our community the following activities at our facility: Gym and P.E. training; Game room; Organic gardening and family fun night gatherings

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