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Happy Tails and Success Stories

These are just a few examples of the life changing and life saving work that Jonah’s Place is doing in Palm Beach County!

Watch Luna’s Story:

Watch Peekachu’s Story:


Meet Tonk – Tonk was abandoned at a local home improvement store. We brought him to safety and out to an adoption event where his new mom saw him and fell in love!

 Before Jonah’s Place and After

Meet Dex – Dex was rescued from the parking lot area of the county Sheriff’s Department.  He was found with a bone lodged in his mouth which caused an infection and a lot of painful swelling. After swift medical attention and lots of TLC, Dex made a speedy and full recovery and went to a loving fur-ever home!

Before Jonah’s Place and After

Olivia_1 Olivia_2

Meet Olivia – She was found abandoned in a parking lot and was very very sick. A caring member of the Jonah’s Place team scooped Olivia up and got her immediate veterinary care. She recovered quickly from her skin infection and upper respiratory infection and put some much needed weight on. Olivia is now a happy, healthy feisty girl!


Meet Tiny – Tiny got lost and was found and fostered by a friend of Jonah’s Place. His owners were finally located but they decided they did not want him anymore as he had already been replaced with a new pet. Tiny is now very much wanted and loved!

Before Jonah’s Place and After


Meet Gabby – She was saved by a member of the Jonah’s Place team. Gabby had a case of mange and a severe secondary skin infection and was not even recognizable as a cat. She was treated, made a full recovery and is now a beauty queen!

Before Jonah’s Place and After

Gracie_1 Gracie_2

Meet Gracie – She is another success story of Jonah’s Place. She was abandoned and left to fend for herself but is now in a loving home where she never has to be alone again!

Before Jonah’s Place and After


Meet Pebbles – Pebbles was found in the road, she had been hit by a car but was thankfully still breathing. A very kind person stopped to help and called a member of the Jonah’s Place team. Pebbles was rushed to the vet who then said although she is breathing on her own, she is technically brain dead and likely would not recover. Pebbles had been hit directly in the face by the tire and had many skull fractures, broken teeth and massive brain swelling. We knew that since she was still breathing on her own she had a ‘fighting’ chance – we believe in miracles and did not want to give up prematurely. Pebbles was kept on oxygen therapy and over the next few days she started to regain consciousness! She had to learn how to walk and eat and function all over again but the miracle came for Pebbles! She is now a fully functional, INDOOR only kitty. Here is a picture taken during her recovery and a picture of her now.

Before Jonah’s Place and After


Meet Bella – Bella was found as a tiny baby in some plants when a good Samaritan saved her from an unknown fate. She is now a happy, spoiled little girl!


Meet Bruiser – Bruiser is one lucky boy! He was rescued from a life of having to dodge cars just to survive. He is now the king of the castle in a safe, quiet and loving home!

Before Jonah’s Place and After

Geo_1 Geo_2

Meet Geo – Geo was saved from a hard and uncertain life on the streets. He is now safe, secure, loved and happy in a place he can call home!


Meet Sarah – She was rescued from a life of scavenging on the streets. She was relying on food scraps from trash cans and throw away morsels from nearby restaurants. It took some time for her to to develop ‘manners’ and gain some weight but Sarah is now a beautiful, healthy and happy dog!



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