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Phasing and Implementation


Our leadership team has over 57 years of combined experience in caring for abandoned/homeless animals and over 49 years of combined business management and entrepreneurial experience.  We are almost through Phase 1 of our development plan and are seeking partners that support and believe in our vision!

Phase 1:  Laying the Foundation and Partnership Building

(a)  Secure tax-exempt status with IRS

(b)  Fundraising groundwork to be laid and grant writing projects to begin for therapy location/staff salary/animal care/property maintenance

(c)   Participant curriculum to be developed

(d)  Staffing requirements to be outlined

(e)  Systems for operation finalized

Phase 2:  Location Acquisition and Development Plans

(a)  Focus on securing a therapy location and finalizing project plans for sanctuary/therapy center and any permitting requirements for facility.

Phase 3:  Facilities and Staffing Completion

(a)  With location selected and  plans completed the sanctuary/therapy center, construction/remodeling process will commence

(b)  Interview process for youth activity supervision and sanctuary volunteers will begin

(c)   Notice will be posted throughout pertinent areas in the community as to the purpose of and proposed opening date of the Jonah’s Place Sanctuary and Therapy Center

Phase 4: Grand Opening

(a)  Upon location and staffing completion, Jonah’s Place will begin accepting child/youth participants

(b)   Guided curriculum for child participants will be in place and ready for operation

(c)    Jonah’s Place will change even more lives!

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